We bring our customers a wide range of specialty papers to meet an increasingly technical demand in the markets.

Thin Printing Papers, Filter Papers, Tissue Papers, Food grade papers, Crepe Papers, Extruded Papers, Colored Papers and Cardboards and Sublimation Papers.


Thin papers for the graphic industry from 28 to 60 g/m2, recognized worldwide for their quality and backed with ISO certificates since 1994. We have specific categories such as Specialprint or Pharmaprint for pharmaceutical leaflets and Bibloprint for bibles and other religious books.


Papers with different porosity levels, specially designed for liquid filtration, such as tea bags or coffee pods and for gas filtration, such as vacuum-cleaner bags or filter cartridges. Our range also includes compostable filter papers. All of them comply with the demanding hygiene and environmental regulations.


Tissue Paper for Food Items

Its demanding manufacturing process makes it very resistant and closed, with high torsional resistance and optimal for food protection, wrapping fruits and pastry items. Available in different weights and colors.

Tissue Wrapping paper

Excellent for flexographic printing and use in the packaging, fashion or gift industry, it is ideal for enhancing the image of high-value gifts. Available in different weights, formats and colours.


Parchment Papers

Papers characterized by their 100% natural origin and without additives, intended for use in food because of their resistance and suitable for printing.

Greaseproof Papers

Papers certified for direct Food Contact specially treated to prevent penetration of fat and heat into the paper structure, are ideal for food packaging industry such as take away, wrapping of fatty packaging, delicatessen, pastry and related industries. Optimal to be used in automated lines thanks to its “slip-easy” property that facilitates demolding.

Silicone Papers

For use as baking paper in ovens, able to withstand high temperatures keeping all its properties intact (hardness, greaseproof, anti-humidity, consistency, etc.) being ideal for baking in bakeries and pastry shops.

Wet Strength Paper

Barrier papers with a high added value that, because of their high moisture resistance, are specially intended to serve in all kinds of applications in the food industry. Suitable for direct contact with food, excellent as packaging for frozen food, wrapping of fresh products or even as a label holder.


Papers with extreme wet resistance, especially suitable for impregnation, which can be used both for the manufacture of disposable wipes for hygienic use, wet wipes or cleaning lenses.


Complete range of extrusion papers with different materials (aluminum, polyethylene, cellulose, etc.) intended for applications as food packaging, cosmetic or automotive products.


Vast assortment of coloured papers from 30 to 160 gr/m2 and uncoated cardboards from 180 to 320 gr/m2 with different finishes (laid paper, embossed, wavy, die-cut, etc.). Suitable for luxury packaging, binding, graphic arts or gift bag manufacturing markets.


Extensive range of papers for the textile industry, both transfer paper (available coated or uncoated, with or without adhesive finish), as well as protective paper in different formats and weights (from 17 to 105 grams/m2).